Thousands of low income high school students will soon be able to obtain federal Pell grants for dual enrollment as they take college courses for credit.  The Obama administration plans to start the program this summer.

Pell Grants For Dual EnrollmentAccording to the Education Department, approximately $20 million will be invested by the administration during the next school year, reaching about 10,000 students.  44 colleges will participate.

One of the advantages of dual enrollment is that students can get access to challenging courses that prepare and motivate them for college.

“The courses students take while in high school and the support they get to succeed in those courses are major factors in not only whether students go to college but also in how well they will do when they get there,” said Education Secretary John B. King Jr. “The more rigorous and engaging the classes are, the better.”

Most of the colleges selected for dual enrollment Pell grant assistance are community colleges

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