A middle school has found that PBIS, otherwise known as Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports helps disciplne.  Office referrals for disciplinary infractions have been reduced by 77 percent in eight years since PBIS was initiated.

http://leadershipandsoftskills.com/Officials at Double Churches Middle School say that the Title I school’s poverty rate has increased by almost ten percent during the same time, but the school score on the College and Career Ready Performance Index has improved from 64.5 to 71.0.

“We are a picture of Columbus,” commented Double Churches principal Craig Fitts. “We truly are, racially and socioeconomically. We have kids who live in the projects, and we have kids who live in Green Island Hills, and we have everything in between. But this is really an environment where kids have something in common, and it’s the foundation of this school.”

Double Churches is the only one of 29 schools in Muscogee County, Georgia to implement PBIS.  It has attained “operational status”, meaning it has a high level of success and qualifies to be a demonstration school for others considering the technique.

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