A custom blend of eight or nine courses a day, with languages and pre-AP classes is not a surprising load at public virtual schools, where students do all their coursework online without leaving their houses.

Public Virtual SchoolsWhen families with bright students cannot make a traditional school schedule work, online schools can be a real boost.  In Texas, approximately 12,000 elementary and secondary students attend virtual schools full time.  Everything, even PE, can be done outside a traditional school setting.

Online schools are poised for growth, but gaining ground has been slow.  This is partly due to the reluctance of the Texas Legislature to open up enrollment or increase the number of schools.  Currently, Texas has six full time public virtual schools.

“I’m a believer that what we’re growing is choice,” said iUniversity Prep’s director Kaye Rogers. “Brick-and-mortar campuses, they aren’t going to go away. Virtual is growing … but I think it’s a place for certain kids.”

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