In an effort to bring literacy to children and families, reading comes to neighborhoods thanks to the MILO bus.  MILO stands for Mobile Interactive Literacy Opportunity.

Reading Comes to Neighborhoods Thanks to the MILO BusIn Hillsborough County, Florida, the psychedelically colored school bus is bringing free children’s books to community centers and public libraries along with characters from PBS children’s shows and volunteers who are dedicated to reading to children and spending time with them.

The plan is to have the buy tour the county the first Saturday of each month.  The bus will stop at community centers and libraries to children ages 3 to 8 in underserved urban and rural neighborhoods.

“This will reinforce to the students that reading isn’t just something that happens in school, it’s a lifetime experience and the summer is as good a time as any to get into reading,” said school board member Doretha Edgecomb. “I want kids to really enjoy reading and not get hung up on the skills involved, but really just enjoy finding a book you want to read over and over.”

While kids pick a book they want to brng home, parents will be encouraged to get involved with their children’s reading though reading circles and art activities.  The children will be encouraged to sign up for a free library card.

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