A school board recently found that a report on blended learning raises questions as to how effective it is over traditional approaches.

Report on Blended Learning Raises QuestionsIn Lawrence, Kansas, the report presented to the school board on the blended learning teaching method indicated that while there were increases in scores in math and reading for fifth and sixth graders, the results were uneven due to the fact that not all classrooms are blended so long term progress data is unavailable.

“The question we hear a lot in teaching and learning (department) is does blended learning work?” said assistant superintendent Angelique Nedved. “Well, I think that we need to take it further than that. We wouldn’t say do textbooks work? Or does lecture work? All of those things work given the context and if it’s the right tool for the student.”

Nedved presented an earlier report to the board in February that included teacher anecdotes.  School board members had requested more data.

In blended learning, lectures are integrated with small group activities or individual projects that rely on online resources.  there are approximately 300 blended learning classrooms in the Lawrence school district.

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