At Albemarle High School, students and teacher team up for project based learning. It’s all part of Team 19, a pilot program for ninth graders who had previously had difficulty in traditional classrooms.

Students and Teachers Team Up for Project Based LearningEnglish teacher Joe Frankfurth finds that when he opens his classroom each morning, there is a line of students waiting to get in.

“They eat their breakfast in here and get ready for the day,” he said. “And then they spend all day in here and all three hours in the program … this is where they then like to spend another hour of their time during long lunch.”

According to principal Jay Thomas, the idea behind Team 19 is simple.

“Our hope with this group of freshmen, by the time they get to senior year, we have opened doors for them,” he said. “Whether it is going to the workforce or going to college, they have choices, whereas before they would have had very limited choices.”

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