At Washington High School, a study table is a helpful tool for students. It is an after school program that offers extra help for a quick question or additional tutoring.

Study Table is a Helpful Tool For Students“I think kids are taking advantage of it,” WHS Principal Brad Warner said. “It’s one of those programs that comes in very handy, especially for a struggling kid. It’s literally four hours per week of free tutoring and enrichment with a certified teacher. That’s what I think makes it so powerful.”

Every Monday through Thursday, study table is available for an hour after school.  Each day, one teacher from the English, science, math, and social studies departments stays after school to help whoever shows up.

The funding for the after school teachers is sponsored by Eagles 190. Athletes are a big beneficiary of the program and a strength of the study table is that it is open to all students.

“We monitor all of our athletes’ grades just for the fact that our academics come first,” Assistant Athletics Director Brian Pachis said. “We try to provide what we can for our student-athletes and study table is a big one. The other side of that is, we do have some students that do struggle, so they can get some extra help.”

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