Today’s graduates are choosing between technical training or college, as they are needed to to fill skilled jobs and want to avoid incurring student loan debt without a guarantee of employment at the end of four years. to the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s 2020 Jobs Outlook, the top five fastest growing jobs in the Greater Cincinnati area will not require a bachelor’s degree.  These include truck drivers, office supervisors, sales representatives and licensed practical nurses, earing anywhere from $37,000 to $61,000 in annual pay.

“Part of the challenge today is to broaden the range of opportunities for young people making career decisions to include that training and education,” Mary Stagaman, senior inclusion officer for the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. “We haven’t set aside bachelor’s degrees, we’ve added more paths to self-sufficiency through post-secondary credentials.”

Senior Director of the Center for Economic Analysis and Development at Northern Kentucky University Janet Harrah agreed. “For most occupations there’s a continuum of education. You may be able to enter a job with an associate’s degree, but if you want to advance within that career, then you may need to earn a higher degree.”

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