Most high school study halls are quiet places to do homework, but at Wood River High School active socializing is part of giving students the GRIT for success. GRIT stands for Growing Rigor Initiative Integrity and Tenacity. is a support class for honors and AP high school students who might not be able to fully dedicate themselves after school for those classes.  Some are busy with work schedules, other activities, or have difficult home situations.

The primary target of the class is for students who take advanced classes for the first time.  They might be the first of their family to go to college.

“Anybody can be successful in these harder classes,”  says Michel Sewell who is the facilitator of the program and also of the GATE program for gifted students.  “A lot of what I teach them is just to take advantage of the opportunities around them.”

More than homework, the program offers character education, mindfulness exercises, life coaching, and guest speakers. to the surprise of many students, it has an intimate feel, like a family.

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