Students took the pasta bridge challenge and put their creations made of fettuccini and Elmer’s glue to the test.  At Fair Lawn High School, the end of the day turned up a bridge that could hold an amazing 400 pounds.  It didn’t beat the all time record however, which was 795 pounds. year, students in geometry classes test bridges that are only made of Rozoni fettuccini and white glue to see how much weight they can bear. The bridges must be created by students, and they must weigh less than 12 ounces. There are also requirements for height, depth, and width.

The prizes are awarded on the basis of how much weight the bridge will bear, efficiency of design, and aesthetic qualities.

Students get an inside look as weights are mounted on their bridges, as a camera on the stage shows the bridge on a large screen as weights are piled on.

Students must also maintain a log while creating the bridge, tracking the procedure.

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