Fourth graders were lucky to have a unique math experience with a mathematician in residence for several weeks as they created their own “Museum of Scale” showcasing various items they used to solve problems and create new projects.

A Unique Math ExperienceSome of the items they displayed were a toy car, a Rubik’s Cube costume, and a globe, as the showed mathematician in residence Christopher Danielson their items.  Danielson is the man behind “Math On-A-Stick” at the Minnesota State Fair.  He worked with students for three weeks on understanding the concept of scale.

The activities were made possible by an anonymous donation from a parent. Danielson used the same principles of creating activities that had strong mathematical structure and were intuitive in designing activities for the fourth graders, just as he had done for Math On-A-Stick.

Some of the activities included piecing smaller triangles into larger ones,  building a Menger sponge out of business cards and played with pattern machines.

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