A new study shows that boys are held back in school due to behavior more than girls.

http://leadershipandsoftskills.com/“When I compared 4- and 5-year-old boys and girls who had the same levels of behavior problems — including difficulty sustaining attention, regulating emotions, delaying gratification, and forming positive relationships with teachers and peers — I found that boys were less likely to learn and more likely to be held back in school,” said study author Jayanti Owens a professor at Brown University in Rhode Island.

“My study also showed that the way schools respond to boys’ behaviors plays a significant role in shaping their educational outcomes years later,” said Owens.

“Relative to the other early childhood family and health factors I considered, gender differences in both students’ behavior and educators’ responses to behavior problems explained more than half [59 percent] of the gender gap in schooling completed among adults,” she added.

The conclusions are based on data from United States children born in the 1980s to women in their early to mid 20s and followed into adulthood.

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