Combining sports and math in summer camp is one way to get students to learn math and use it while encouraging physical activity and enjoying recreation.

Combining Sports and Math in Summer Camp12 year old Hayden Benreni said that struggles with math during the school year are “kind of scary.”

“At the end of the year, especially because you’re like ‘I’m going to fail, I’m going to fail, I have to work harder and harder,’” said Hayden. “Because then you start focusing on that one class and all your others start to go down.”

At East Garner Magnet Middle School a two week summer math camp for students who are slightly below grade level in math is helping them catch up. The method is unusual -they are learning math by playing sports and using team building techniques.

Students have played kickball, run the 40 yard dash, jumped rope, and shot free throws, figuring distances, percentages of change, and unit rates.

“Sometimes you don’t even know that you’re learning things,” Hayden said.

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