Students found that Good Government Day shows how City Hall works, and they got a great inside view of how their local bureaucracy actually operates.

Good Government Day Shows How City Hall WorksIn Taunton Massachusetts, Mayor Thomas Hoye was busy answering questions from students at Taunton High School and enjoying the activity.

33 juniors and seniors signed up this year.  Several years ago, 40 students had signed up to observe people who work for city government during their daily routine.

“Thirty to 40 is a perfect number,” said THS history teacher Pete Gillen, who in recent years has organized and overseen the field trip.

While Good Government Day is supposed to be a single day, some students found that it extended into the evening as they attended a school committee meeting.

“It’s a great opportunity to be inside and see how things run and be able to put a face and voice (on the mayor),” said student Kristofer Costa Jr.

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