Students are discovering that hands on experience with building robots teaches STEM skills. At Springfield STEM Academy summer learning camps, students are using the robots and their imaginations to learn more about computer science, programming, and engineering.

Hands on Experience With Building Robots Teaches STEM SkillsStudents aged 13 to 24 have been learning about 3D printers, laser engravers, electrical circuit tools, and other high tech tools. They have had access to experts and programs that prepare them for STEM field careers through LRNG Springfield and Gateway to Technology.

“We teach the students how to make the robots and help them build them,” Wes Luckett, one of the class leaders, said.

According to LRNG Springfield summer intern Beth Lenz, there are about 40 students in the mixed age class, using common household objects to build their projects, including robots.

“They are doing stuff they can do at home,” she said.

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