This summer a group of high school film academy students learn all aspects of film making, and will showcase their work at an annual student film festival.

High School Film Academy Students Learn All Aspects of Film MakingStudents from East Aurora High School will learn about making films.  The high school houses the Aurora Film Academy.

All aspects of film making are covered, including creative writing, drama and film production.  Art teacher Tom Kegler works with students and the academy and is mindful of the great opportunity for students, in the face of continuing budget cutbacks.

“We have not been immune to all the budget cuts that the state has been handing out, we’ve had a lot of courses cut and some ways by melding our English, writing and drama classes in with the arts, it has actually preserved some of the programs,” Kegler explained.

The students have been busily preparing for their showcase, cutting hours of film footage and audio, writing script narration, and mixing in music and sound.

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