Eighth graders in a small island community are designing a curriculum of history for students told by students with an app.

http://leadershipandsoftskills.com/On Lopez Island, Washington, five eighth grade girls in a small history class has learned enough about state history all year to inspiren RV trip for an entire summer, create content for a mobile app, and possibly affect the curriculum statewide.

The girls didnt just learn about people and places in Washington.  They learned about storytelling, and wayhs to use technology to engage us with our surroundings rather than be a distraction.

Northwest History class teacher Anthony Rovente teamed up with his friend, Tim Fry, the owner of 468 Communications, specializing in location based marketing and communications.  They became the “project managers” for ProjectWA. The students were the design and content team.  They conducted the research for historical information for their mobile app, Washington State Insider.  The app is now live on Google Play and iOS App store.

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