A high school honor student plans free summer learning for children, and is looking forward to seeing the results of her year long planning come to reality.

http://leadershipandsoftskills.com/Florence High School rising senior Annisha Borah was inspired when she became an afterschool tutor at Harlan Elementary, and decided to put together a program to encourage students to keep learning through the summer months.

The program she started, called Each One Teach One, lasts for four weeks and is intended to reinforce reading and math skills.

“I started tutoring at Harlan Elementary in ninth grade with the after-school program,” Borah said. “Working with those kids and seeing what they struggled with, and what they enjoyed doing, became a great passion to me.”

Borah’s school research project was on summer learning loss.  She learned that there is a disparity between income brackets in learning loss.

“Summer learning loss is a huge issue that all kids deal with,” she said. “They forget so much during the three-monthd break, and it is even greater in lower income families. My goal is to mitigate summer learning loss and give people a safe place to be.”

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