Items for young children with autism design by fourth graders are having an impact on the lives of preschoolers.

Items for Young Children With Autism Designed by Fourth GradersTeachers in the special education class had said that they needed more toys for the young children with autism that would engage their sensory perception.  Fourth grade STEAM teacher Elizabeth Connell made the assignment that students needed to use what they had learned to create something new that would help someone else at the school.

Sensory items included maracas made from popsicle sticks and plastic eggs, a shoebox turned into a sandbox, or handmade sensory blankets and books.

“The mop head was their favorite,” said ten year old Delaney Hughes, made the sensory felt blanket with partner Karobi Azad.

The most popular item was the sandbox, as it was filled with shells.  Students also liked shaking the maracas.

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