This summer, kids are learning to use computer code at Bootcamp, and some awesome technology is the result of their efforts.

Kids are Learning to Use Computer Code at BootcampIn Sioux Falls, a kids at the Ardunio Bootcamp are learning to program video games and electronics  has seen them program motion sensors, range finders, and a laser, all part of a homemade security system.

In a one day workshop at Code Bootcamp, 15 middle school boys plug electronics into a microcontroller board while punching computer keys.  The lesson they are learning is how to upload code onto their device to create motion sensors that emit sounds which tell how far away an object is located.

The program was originally launched for adults who wanted to know more about web development by Will Bushee.  Last year, he created workshops for kids so they could build and program video games.

“I think it was a natural next step to do something with electronics. And so we have what we call our Ardunio Bootcamp and Ardunio is a microcontroller, and so today we’re building a little security system from individual components,” says Bushee.

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