After viewing the movie “October Sky” and obtaining information for lessons from the official website, a teacher thought it would be a good idea to have kids correspond with famous author Homer Hickam. grade teacher Tiffany Musil has shown the movie “October Sky” for nine years to her students relying on author Homer Hickam’s website to provide details.  The movie is based on the book “Rocket Boys: A Memoir.”

This year, Musil was shocked to discover that all the information had been taken down.  She wrote to Linda Hickam, the manager of the website, seeking the resources that had been previously available.  She was granted access to the information she needed, and the Homer Hickam wrote to her and her students.

“An author is always gratified when it’s clear his work has touched so many people, especially young people,” Hickam wrote. “I hope you got the true message of the Rocket Boys in the book and the movie which is this: It is important for everyone to find a passion in life, then work very hard to make it come true. To only dream of a better future is inconsequential. Each of us must take the next steps beyond and learn to map out what must be done to reach our goals. After that, it’s easy.”

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