Learning expeditions connect students to hands on experiences, helping them to know how real life problems are solved.

Learning Expeditions Connect Students to Hands On ExperiencesAt Chamberlain Elementary in Goshen, students were conducting research to open their own market, so they marched down the hill to Home Again Consignments to see a real market in action.

Expeditionary Learning is the approach that has been used at Chamberlain for several years, emphasizing hands on learning and experiences. Consequently, learning expeditions fit right into the school  day.

The students didn’t learn about the economy from a textbook, but went right to Tara Sparks, the local owner of Home Again Consignments.

Sparks told the students that one of the most fun and interesting things she does is to research the items that people bring into her store to sell.  Some of those items she had no idea about, and had to find the right price for them and find out everything about them online.  She wants to make money but she wants the items to be affordable.

After visiting Sparks the students put together their own Market Day, selling their own goods and services.

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