Manufacturing skills are for hire in student run businesses, and the result is a bridge in the skills gap in some areas.

Manufacturing Skills are For Hire in Student Run BusinessesIn Wisconsin, some high schools have encouraged students to launch for-profit businesses, allowing them to gain experience in metal fabrication, product design, and other necessary occupations.

Hustisford High School’s Husty Heavy Manufacturing is one such student-run business.  They are starting to perform work for local companies.  The projects are simple, including cutting, sanding, and grinding metal parts.  Some custom products could also be made using 3-D printers.

According to David Jasperson, technology education teacher and Husty Heavy Manufacturing advisor, students will gain valuable experience, and skills that have “relevance to manufacturing.”

“My job is to develop the aptitude, skills and drive to want to work in this industry,” Jasperson said.

Recently, Husty Heavy Manufacturing built metal-sculpture topiaries and planters for the Milwaukee County Zoo.

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