In an effort to help teachers improve their teaching skills, the MathLab summer program allows teachers to learn from students.

MathLab Summer Program Allows Teachers to Learn From StudentsAcross New Mexico, students in 17 classrooms are participating in the New Mexico State University Mathematically Connected Communities, or MC2 MathLab.  The week long program involves elementary, middle school, and high school students.

Approximately 480 students entering grades 2, 3,4 and 7 and Algebra 1 are participating, as well as over 350 teachers.

“I like the group work, but my favorite part about MathLab was the Yahtzee game. I am learning a lot about equivalent and improper fractions and mixed numbers,” said Las Cruces fifth grade student Caleb Parra.

The structure of the program has students learn from MC2 teacher leaders as the teacher participants observe via live video stream. Later in the day, the participants talk about which math practices work best, and what was the impact on students.  They also participate in professional development based on the same core math concepts.

“What’s most important to teachers is to help students in their individual thinking,” said second grade teacher participant Doreen Cahill said.

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