One aim of a summer came in Vermont is to be mentoring teen girls in STEM fields, where women are traditionally underrepresented.

Mentoring Teen Girls in STEM FieldsFor the second year, Vermont Technical College is hosting Rosie’s Girls, a camp that introduces teen girls to science and technology and mentors them.  32 girls in ninth and tenth grades get the opportunity to pair with women working in science, engineering, math, and other technical career paths.

Only five women in 100 are electricians in Vermont.  When girls are given kits with which to build LED batteries, the campers are being given more than just a project, they are being introduced to a possible career.

According to Dr. Page Spiess, program leader at Rosie’s Girls, it’s important for girls to find a place to learn the STEM fields. “There is a large number of men predominantly in the STEM and trades careers,” she said. “Not a lot of young women might feel comfortable entering these career options if they don’t know that women are also pursuing these and are already in these industries.”

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