It can be tough to enter a new school, but middle school transition is eased by a Girl Scout program. members of Girl Scout Troop 2143 decided to change things about the difficult start they had in sixth grade.  They developed Inside Scoop” for Horizon elementary fifth grade girls to show them the changes and adjustments to middle school.

“It was the first time I ever rode the bus,” said Samantha Wilcox. “…I didn’t know where to sit because I didn’t know how the bus worked.”
“I was very excited but scared,” said Katherine Schuette. “There’s all these new people. Everyone was kind of looking around like, what am I supposed to do?”

Wilcox and Schutte were joined by Emma Bryant and Lexi Lind in developing the program, focusing on conflict resolution, friendship and self esteem. They eared the second highest Girl Scout award, the Silver Award, which is also the highest award for Girl Scout Cadettes.

To qualify for the award, the program had to have lasting impact. Developing middle school friendships was a big focus of “Inside Scoop”.

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