A new report indicates that interest in science and math starts very young, thus more preschool might equal more scientists and engineers.

More Preschool Might Equal More Scientists and EngineersOften preschool programs  are proposed as a long term investment in education.  Research proves that preschool decreases spending on special education and reduced the number of kids who commit crimes.  It increases graduation rates as well.  Now, the Mission Readiness/Ready Nation report indicates that interest in the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering, and math start as early as preschool.

“Young children can learn more STEM content than we may realize,” the report states. “Good early learning curricula capitalize on the natural curiosity and exploration of young children and can build an understanding of math and science concepts.”

According to the report, early exposure to math is linked to developing abilities later in math and other subjects.   Also, children who have difficulty with math at ages 6,8, and 10 are 13 percent less likely to be a high school graduate and 29 percent less likely to enter college.

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