A new outdoor classroom is designed for learning opportunities, and middle school students cannot wait to study pollination, soil samples, and photosynthesis next fall.

Outdoor Classroom is Designed for Learning OpportunitiesTeacher Sara Tull is looking forward to the experience at Central Middle School. “I already have a greenhouse,” she said. “So for me to have two options to take them outdoors to learn about agriculture and natural resources is wonderful.”

Teachers and the Delaware Nature Society have worked together to establish the outdoor classroom, which holds a maximum of 60 students.  There is a chalkboard at the front, and students sit on benches.

“We do a food chain for our ecology unit,” said Tull. “Students actually create food chains by looking at what animal feeds on another. I know multiple times since we’ve been working on this I’ve see blue herons capturing fish in the water.”

Art teacher Rosetta Roach worked with the students to create a mural for the entrance. “Every school had an outdoor classroom and that’s been something I’ve been trying to do at CMS for many years,” Roach said.

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