Middle school students are setting sail in a cardboard boat, part of their final science project for the year.

Setting Sail in a Cardboard BoatAt Farmington Middle School, students built boats using cardboard and duct tape – and nothing else.  Then, they tested the crafts to see if their calculations and engineering designs worked.

The test was conducted a the indoor pool at the Farmington Civic Center, where the boats where expected to be seaworthy enough to sail the length of the pool.  80 percent of the boats floated, but not all were able to make it.

In Dustin Washam and Cathy Giessing’s science class, students learned about buoyancy and mass by actually working a hands on problem.

“It was actually a project at the school I use to be at, so I stole,” Washam said. “I always wanted to do it, and this year was my chance.”

“They had to do a little bit of math to calculate mass and buoyancy,” Giessing said. “But within those parameters, they could do anything they wanted. The only thing Mr. Washam and I did was to monitor them and hope they didn’t cut themselves using box cutters and keep track of everyone’s duct tape.”

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