Middle school students are using a GPS system in geography class to start geocaching.  The seventh graders at Highland Middle School will be using a Global Positioning System (GPS) to hide and find containers.

Students are Using a GPS System in Geography ClassThe containers are called geocaches.  They are small waterproof containers that hold a logbook with a pen or pencil.  Once found, the geocacher enters the date in the log book and signs with a code name.  Then they place the cache back exactly where they found it.  Some larger containers may also contain small items for trading.

“Kids love to be actively involved. Geocaching is a geographic scavenger hunt that is found not just in our community, but across the globe,” said Elizabeth Weder, a geography teacher at Highland Middle School. “It’s a great way to get families involved in leaning about geography right in their own backyards or continuing those lessons on your next vacation.”

Recently, Weder and fellow geography teacher Dawn Hubbard received a  $2,000 Educational Impact Grant from the Highland Business Education Alliance (BEA) to integrate geocaching into the curriculum.  The grant funded the purchase of eight Chromebook laptops and eight Geomate Jr. GPS devices.

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