At a stem summer camp, the curriculum includes an opportunity to have students experience Native American living history of the 1500s.

Students Experience Native American Living History of the 1500sFifty students from the Burroughs Wellcome Sensational Stem Summer Camp traveled back in time hundreds of years by visiting the Catawba Meadows Interpretive Center at Catawba Meadows Park. The purpose was to experience how Native Americans lived long ago in Burke County.

“Our mission is to educate the public about archaeology, but normal archeology sites are sort of hard to understand because they are stains in the ground and random things,” said Melissa Timo, staff archaeologist with the foundation.

At the different stations in the living history village, students saw what people ate, how they grew different crops, how they hunted and stored food, and what kind of housing they had.

“This (living history village) represents the middle of the 1500s,” she said. “The lifestyle existed before and after, but we are representing the middle of the 1500s because that is about the same time the Spanish were arriving.”

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