Seventh grade student fighting invasive species of plants are learning about their local ecology and helping restore native plants.

Students Fighting Invasive SpeciesWinona Middle School seventh graders are working in collaboration with the Healthy Lake Winona group to help rid the area of invasive plant species.  Their target was the leafy spurge, a plant that has been taking over the banks and choking out the native plants.  The kids have learned about the plant in the classroom but helping to actually pull it up by the roots makes the learning real.

“For them to be able to pick and see … they’re involved in their community,” science teacher Trisha Johnson said.

Johnson joined up with fellow science teacher John Weaver, and brought her students to the lake for the second year in a row.  Each group of students went to different parts of the shore, in foliage that was sometimes up to their chest. They found the invasive plant by breaking off a stem and seeing if white sap oozed out.

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