A request to a town council for a sign commemorating the dryptosaurus aquilunguis was an effort to have students honor the discovery of a dinosaur in their own community and let everyone else know about it too.

Students Honor the Discovery of A DinosaurFourth graders who attend J. Mason Tomlin Elementary School got a great lesson in civics and democratic process when they presented their proposal at a meeting to have a sign erected in Ceres Park, commemorating the discovery of dryptosaurus aquilunguis in 1866.  The students felt that with the 150th anniversary of the discovery, there ought to be a sign commemorating the event.

The students participated in a fossil dig earlier, and researched the dinosaur.  Their teacher, Bill Falcone fostored a collaboration between them and Rowan University’s fossil park.

“I think it’s important to the kids because it allowed them to use their skills for research and to show the commitment in their town and to do something that will have an impact on their community for many many years to come,” said Heather Simmons, associate director of Rowan’s fossil park and Gloucester County freeholder.

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