The games in Rio de Janeiro are not starting till August, but some students hosted their own Olympics as part of their summer program.

Students Hosted Their Own OlympicsThe Clark County Migrant Education Summer Program held their opening ceremony, in keeping with the theme of the summer program.  During the last two weeks, the students in second through fourth grade have been preparing for the ceremony.

“The students have been learning about the ancient and modern Olympics for two weeks,” Kim Daniels, special education teacher at Strode Station Elementary, said. “We’ve been watching YouTube videos of past ceremonies, which they have really enjoyed and it’s helped them learn quickly.”

Some of the things that students learned was the history of the Olympics, and rituals such as the torch relay and the parade of nations.

“I learned all about the Olympics when I was in elementary school. I won the dash and I didn’t know I was athletic,” she said. “I hope some of the kids realize they are athletic too and expand their interests in middle school, maybe join the track team. It’s all about building motivation,” said Daniels.

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