Students in credit recovery online classes need in-school support, and a report from an education research group affirms the truth of that observation. Northwest discovered that schools with higher passing rates offer more structure and support in school for students in credit recovery. Data from 2013-2014 showed a wide variance in passing rates from school to school, but many schools had small samples.

At Montana Digital Academy, last year steps were taken to add more physical support for students in online credit recovery courses.  “We were really excited to get that validation,” said Jason Neiffer, MTDA’s assistant director and curriculum director. “It really kind of takes a village to teach an online student. There’s lots of ways we can provide some efficiencies, but in the end, it takes a healthy group effort.”

There are several classes offered by MTDA.  Some are remedial classes, and some are electives for students who need a class that their school does not offer. Some districts have reported that students in credit recovery courses have been struggling with a passing grade.

The report found that use of a certified teacher to staff classes for credit recovery and using academic resources at school was a way to improve the passing rate.  Also, strengthening the professional relationships between in-school teachers, academy instructors, and students was recommended.

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