A summer reading program started out with adults dressed in superhero costumes, on the premise that superheros inspire super readers.

Superheros Inspire Super ReadersAt the Boulevard Mall, shoppers might have thought that Comic-Con was getting started after seeing adults in superhero costumes.  However, it was the beginning of Clark County School District’summer reading program, Reading Rangers Summer Reading Quest.

Students start the day receiving a bingo card, and receive a check each time they find a teacher dressed in costume.  After the card is filled, they are given free books.

“I like that books make you feel like you’re inside them,” said fifth grader Malaeloa Aimaasu. “I’m hoping to find more books that interest me to read this summer.”

Each literacy proficiency level is represented by a superhero.  When students move up levels, they pass a proficiency exam.  They also battle their archenemy, Stinky McNoreads, who works to get them away from books with distractions.

“We have kids sneaking books into math class,” said Reading Rangers Coordinator Salvador Rosales. “I never get tired of seeing students get buried in a book; that’s what I live for.”

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