High school teachers learning real life skills from the community visited area businesses to find out how businesses and organization work, and what is needed for their students to prepare for that work. The teacher externship is now required for new academies that are being implemented in high schools in the Vicksburg-Warren School District.

Teachers Learning Real Life Skills From the CommunityThe U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Coastal and Hydraulics Lab was visited by Warren Central math teachers Amber Davis and Jeff Pilgrim. “It’s an externship for teachers to start training how to apply the new academy principles in our lessons to benefit the students of the Vicksburg Warren School District,” said Davis. “This is a way where right here at home in Vicksburg, we can use examples that are relevant to our students here.”

“It’s not just relevance on a job market level, it’s relevance on the community level,” Pilgrim added.

The academies feature three tracks that the students can choose: Architecture, Construction, Mechatronics and Engineering (ACME), Health and Human Services (HHS) and Communications, Art and Business (CAB). All sophomores begin this coming school year on a track.

Accordint to Career and Technical Education Administrator Lucy DeRossette, the externship provides an opportunity for teachers to see first hand what organizations actually do.

“They don’t know because they’re teachers like me,” she said. “They graduated college and went right in to teaching, and they didn’t work in the real world and get to experience those real world problems.”

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