It’s not unusual for students to bury a time capsule, but a cicada themed time capsule ties together several different learning experiences for students.  Sixth grade teacher Kristen Kropiewnicki felt the idea made a lot of sense for her science class at McMurray Elementary School in Peters Township.

A Cicada Themed Time CapsuleAs a science teacher, Kropiewnicki incorporates the environment into her lesson plans.  Since the noisy 17 year cicada had just made its reappearance, she decided to theme the time capsule around the life span of the cicada.

“In 17 years, when the cicadas come around again, we can celebrate,” she said.

The 55 students filled out pages with names, favorite subjects, birthdates, and favorite phone app.  They also recorded the type of phone that they used.

“I had them make predictions about their phones, too,” said Kropiewnicki. She also had the students write letters to their future selves. “They had a lot of fun with the letter and asked themselves questions like whether they were married and had kids. They also had to share three family memories and tell why they were special.”

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