An ADHD summer treatment program looks like a typical camp, but it is a unique program with emphasis on social skills and focus.

ADHD Summer Treatment Program Looks Like a Typical CampStudents work on art projects, and complete math and reading worksheets.  Physical activity is an important aspect of the program, and students can be seen practicing crossovers and layups on the basketball court.

A common issue among children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is the difficulty focusing on a task or getting along with their peers.  Symptoms vary with each child in symptoms and severity.

“(ADHD) can look like a lot of things,” said camp director Eric Vinson, the leader of the summer program at Currey Ingram Academy in Brentwood.

“With regard to our program, it’s about the student’s ability or inability to attend to what’s happening around them. Whether it be activities, with peers or teacher-led directions,” he said.

While sports and fine motor activities are helpful, the morning sessions reviewing social skills are what makes the camp uniquely valuable.

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