The year long adventures of the sixth grade zoo crew were celebrated with red carpet treatment, as parents and students entered an auditorium to view a film showcasing the work done by classes at Horseheads Intermediate School supporting Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park.

Adventures of the Sixth Grade Zoo CrewThe sixth graders spent the past year dedicated personally to the success of the zoo, which is open almost every day this summer. They were challenged to work as consultants for the zoo, transforming each sixth grade homeroom into project management and media and finance groups.

“When the Horseheads Intermediate School contacted us, we were more than happy to assist them with their project,” said Melissa Grippin, education coordinator at the Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park. “It sounded like a great opportunity for both the kids and the zoo.”

The project was a great exercise in project based learning, as it utilized artistic, management, financial, and creative skills.

“The students were able to transfer what they had been learning in class into a real-world situation,” said teacher Kerry Ike. “Students learned to work collaboratively on projects, tap into resources they didn’t know existed, and apply knowledge in new ways.”

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