This fall, one high school is banning cell phones in school, and students will not be able to use them or phone sized electronic devices during class or when they are in the hallways on a pass during class time.

Banning Cell Phones in SchoolLakeview High School students will not have or use their phones starting this fall.  In the past, teachers set their own cell phone policy for their classrooms, but the result was distractions and problems for some students who did not understand the flexibility.

“So students move from a class where they’re allowed to use their cell phone to a class where they’re not at all to a class where they’re allowed to use it for some reasons but not for others and as a result, it’s hard for students to develop consistent behaviors because the expectations are totally inconsistent,” said LHS Principal Jeff Bohl. “What we found is that some students are so used to using their cell phones whenever they want, that they have a hard time abiding by rules or remembering to abide by rules in classrooms where the expectations are more strict. And that results in distractions in the classroom by the student, distractions in the classroom because the teacher has to address the student.”

The new policy was approved by the district Board of Education and states that students must stow devices in their lockers.  The devices include cell phone sized tablets and MP3 players.

They can use their phones and devices in the hallways between classes or in the cafeteria during their lunch periods.  Some students will get permission to use e-readers and larger tablets to class for schoolwork.

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