Classroom gardening with hydroponics is clearly becoming an effective solution to have students be indoor gardeners year round, studying the life cycle of plants and learning to grow nutritious food. In fact, the students in Linda Pinz-Valdez’s fifth grade class will end the coming school year with a salad – just as soon as they grow the vegetables.

Classroom Gardening with HydroponicsPinz-Valdez’s classroom at Oscar Howe Elementary in Sioux Falls will receive a hydroponics system to be installed in the classroom.  The 8 foot structure provided by a $5,000 Lowe’s Toolbox for Education grant will allow plants to grow without soil.

“The purpose for this is so students can understand that plants get so much more of what they need from the air and the sun than from the dirt,” Pinz-Valdez said.

Pinz-Valdez wants her students to know that some plants can grow without soil, and she wants her students to find out how plants absorb nutrients from air and water as well.

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