A school district invited teachers to submit proposals to “Crash My Classroom” with new technology, and the winner was thrilled as she saw her winnings worth $25,000.

http://leadershipandsoftskills.com/At Farmington Elementary in Germantown Tennessee, Joy Lustig slashed through paper over the classroom door and entered the newly designed classroom as if she were a winner on a reality show.  The furnishings included rolling desks for each student, and a large screen TV already mounted.  Her students sat on a cluster of what looked like red cushioned puzzle pieces, a “cloud formation couch system”.

“It’s awesome,” said Lustig as she wandered through the room while parents and colleagues caught her reaction on camera phones.  “Everything we asked for, we got. Do you see anything we didn’t?”

Last year, the Germantown Municipal School District asked teachers to apply for the “Crash My Classroom” contest, submitting cutting edge new technology that would greatly improve their classrooms.

“They had to research what it out there,” said Mason Grace, head of district communications and instructional technology. “And tell us the rationale behind what they chose.”

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