Cultural exchanges with teachers allow for a blending of social studies, dancing, art, and language in classrooms across the world.  Teachers share cultural experiences and perspectives, enhancing information and students’ knowledge of the world.

Cultural Exchanges With TeachersBinational teachers participate in exchanges that allow international cooperation.  The exchange is coordinated in Oregon through the Oregon Initiative Binational Teacher Exchange. In Ontario Oregon, Paola Rodriguez, a native of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico smiled and danced with pre kindergarten students, showing them traditional Mexican dancing. She will teach the young students in summer school at Aiken Elementary, and normally teaches fifth and sixth grade students and college students.  Her students call her Maestra Paola.

“It’s wonderful because I love working with the kids,” Rodriguez said. “The kids always seem excited.”

She will be showing the young students Mexican toys, and teaching them some Mexican cooking.  She has also taught them about the geography of Mexico and created a flag of Mexico with the students.

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