Students are finding that their idea to have empty canister discards form a coral reef instead of a landfill is actually coming to life with the help of some local engineers.

Discards Form a Coral Reef Instead of a LandfillA manufacturing plant in Chardon wanted to know how to repurpose blue canisters that were destined for a landfill.  A group of sixth graders won the challenge by submitting an idea for bolting faulty Pentair canisters together, thus creating an artificial coral reef.

The students and their teacher, Aaron Chamberlain were extremely excited.

Chamberlain had divided up 125 sixth grade students into teams and assigned them to work with community members.  They brainstormed ideas for repurposing canisters when they gathered together and immersed themselves in the process.  Once they had an idea, they had to follow through, including calculating the cost of additional items needed.

Some of the other designs included bird houses and feeders, solar powered clocks, playhouses, and waterproof speakers.

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