Students in Shreveport who are interested in math, science, and engineering are firing up young imaginations with LaPREP programs at Louisiana State University.

Firing Up Young Imaginations With LaPREP ProgramsThe program is a free summer enrichment program where students participate in various hands on activities, such as launching rockets, performing labs, and field trips to interesting locations.  Now in its 25th year, LaPREP prepares middle school and early high school students over two consecutive summers for college courses and degrees in math, science, and engineering.

A total of 50 students are participating this summer. Over 700 students have participated in LaPREP from the Shreveport area.

Benefits include scholarships to LSU Shreveport. “Students successfully completing two years of LaPREP are eligible to apply for LaPREP scholarships of $500 per semester for four years to attend LSU Shreveport as entering college freshmen,” said LSUS Director of Media and Public Relations Brooke Rinaudo.

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