A high school French class published a storybook for Haitian children featuring student created fairy tales.  At Burns High School, Laura Parker’s French II and IV classes created the fairy tale, printed the story and will send it to an orphanage in Haiti.

http://leadershipandsoftskills.com/Each year Parker’s students complete a unit on fairy tales.  Usually they create pop-up books, but they decided this year to create books for children who do not have any.

“The class I had this time are super amazing kids, and one said, ‘Why can’t we do something that we could send to some kids who don’t have books?'” Parker said. “We decided to do something a little more formal, so they wrote their stories as traditional fairy tales. The purpose is to teach the kids something.”

According to Parker, 10 students worked on the stories, together or individually.  They partnered with students in Steven Pruitt’s art class for illustrations.  Once the book was complete, they had it printed at an affordable company and have 20 copies to send to the Haitian orphanage.

Haiti was chosen because it is a French-speaking country.  A local church group will visit Haiti on a mission this summer and will take the books with them for the children.

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