Fourth graders are having fun finding out about the 50 states, researching facts and creating posters to share.

Fun Finding Out About The 50 StatesEach year the students at Randall Holden Elementary School show off their social studies skills at the end of the school year.  This year they focused on states and capitals, American flags, and started off a presentation for their parents with the Pledge of Allegiance, and an explanation of the meaning of each line.

The main feature of their presentation was the colorful posters that lined the gym.  They were randomly assigned a state to research and make a presentation.  They shared facts such as the colors of the state bird, and which celebrities are from there.

“It’s a nice culmination to see them get excited about research,” said Susan Fusco, one of two fourth grade teachers at Randall Holden.

Fusco and co teacher Betsy Riccitelli are the organizers of the end of the year presentations and they have been co teaching for 16 years. She made her own presentation of photos and videos, including the Save the Bay field trip, and a shout out to the class from Mario Hilario on NBC 10 for Read Week.

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