It’s become common for high school students to obtain college credit while still in high school, but now it is also possible for younger students to be gaining high school credits in middle school.

Soft SkillsVITAL (Virtual Instruction to Accentuate Learning) Middle School Academy has opened in the Putnam County school system.  The pilot program aims to build a transition to more dual enrollment opportunities for students as they advance into high school.

“This is a huge step in a direction we’ve been wanting to take for a while,” Sam Brooks, personal learning coordinator for the Putnam County School System, said.

“VITAL is about offerings kids don’t normally have. It creates room up the ladder for them to take more of what they want to concentrate on in their life.”

The program started in 2008, primarily benefiting high school students in dual enrollment courses.  However, middle school students showed an interest, and so Brooks and Prescott Middle School principal Trey Upchurch began to build the opportunity for them as well.

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