A community school celebrated the success of having kids create an online literary magazine by transforming a room into a Literacy Cafe, where the faculty served the students pastries and fruit.  The special occasion was in honor of the publication of “Imagination Soup”, the magazine of the Westminster Community School.

http://leadershipandsoftskills.com/The tables in the Literacy Cafe were decorated with floral centerpieces and electric candles.  Facult and some older children dressed as Parisian wait staff, with berets, aprons, moustaches, and a few chef’s hats.  They served the children who had all contributed to the magazine.

The occasion was not without entertainment.  Guest performer Donald Saaf sang songs, played guitar and harmonica.  Te told stories of his immigrant grandparents, and time spent with his siblings writing comic books and creatintg art.

“Making something out of nothing, it is really like magic,” said Saaf.  He then asked the children what had been their roles in creating the magazine.

“I made the cover!” fifth-grader Tyler Thomas announced. Several other children shared their contributions, including drawings, poems, and stories.

“You guys did great work!” Saaf exclaimed. “You did magical work!”

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